I was a service advisor at a Volkswagen dealership for close to 5 years. The abuse was unbelievable. I was borderline suicidal for a lot of the time. I took a 35% pay cut to leave, and have never looked back. Remember: nobody calls/goes to the service department because their car is running perfectly. » 7/28/14 5:05pm Yesterday 5:05pm

I always liked these, so much more so than the generation immediately preceding it (the one that looked like a melted Oldsmobile). These last-gen cars reminded me of a grown-up 2nd-generation combined with a 1st-gen Acura Legend coupe - not at all a bad thing. » 7/28/14 3:00pm Yesterday 3:00pm

Awesome. Haven't seen this in years. Love how he starts in SF, then magically gets on the ferry in Larkspur, clear across the Bay, heading... back to SF. I used to ride that boat to and from the Embarcadero when I worked at the Ice House, near Levi's Plaza. Good times. » 7/28/14 2:52pm Yesterday 2:52pm

I think there's nothing more expensive than a cheap Interceptor. That said, the apparent (and probably hidden) rust is completely eclipsed by the awesomeness that is that Webasto sunroof. Nice price, with a healthy dollop of Fuck Yeah. » 7/28/14 10:41am Yesterday 10:41am

Yeah... no. I worked at a dealership that had one particularly bad lube tech. Drain plugs and filters left loose, no/not enough oil, lug nuts left loose, etc. Union rules dictated he couldn't be fired until X or Y instances of the same fail point, or some such nonsense. » 7/25/14 2:27pm Friday 2:27pm