Absolutely love these. Picked up an unloved 280SE 4.5 orphan from the San Francisco public auto auction with a friend many years ago. It chugged and misfired its way through town, sort of limping toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Once on the other side of the bridge, heading up the Waldo Grade, I firewalled the throttle. » 8/26/14 10:11am 8/26/14 10:11am

Guy I knew in high school had a gold Aspen wagon, the body style before this one, so maybe 1977-78. It had the inline-6, the leaning tower of power. He gave me rides to school in it, and we used to jump it three times a day, every day, for like 8 months. It never stopped running, but eventually developed brakeā€¦ » 8/25/14 3:54pm 8/25/14 3:54pm