3rd Gear: Dealerships To Stay Big
Much as I think this sort of attitude is backwards and that dealerships are ignoring the kind of consumers that are my age that eventually they're going to want, I bet for the customer they currently have in Florida this probably makes a lot of sense.

» 1/23/15 10:08am Friday 10:08am

I'm not angry at this at all. The engine sound isn't bad. The handling may or may not be better. Regardless, this is a guy who may or may not love his car, but he cared enough to mod it. Good for him. Bolt some better meats on it and yahoo. Hope his kid loves it when he hoons around like mine done. » 1/22/15 1:51pm Thursday 1:51pm

NP or CP: 1989 Toyota Hilux Surf

Today's FP "NPoCP" is a Toyota not-Tacoma pickup truck stuffed chock-full of Supra turbo bits. It could be a proper sleeper were it not for the enormous intercooler where roughly 50% of the front bumper used to be. Neat truck, but not as subtle as it could be, and certainly a strong CP at the $15k ask. » 1/22/15 10:48am Thursday 10:48am

Years ago, when we had our first and only CEL on our 2004 Matrix XRS (knocking on wood... so much knocking on wood), it turned out to be the gas cap gasket had split. Toyota replaced it, charged us half their normal diagnostic fee, and sent us on our way. » 1/21/15 1:51pm 1/21/15 1:51pm